We want to teach delegates as much as possible, in the time we have, concerning Oklahoma Government. This information may, in some instances, result in a demonstration of our state’s good and bad points. We hope it will result in an inspiration to better our system, but primarily, the program is here to inform.

The educational program is divided into several categories:

Classroom Instruction

Class periods are devoted to a survey course in Oklahoma government. The final period is an examination of the material covered. Each class also is followed by a short quiz.

Special Lecture Forums

Usually the Governor heads our list of distinguished guests. Members of the Legislature, jurists, and representatives from all departments and levels of government also appear and give the citizen the benefit of their knowledge and background with reports and by answering questions.

Government Practicum

This is the most intense part of the program, and therefore, the one in which we take the most pride. In the brief session of seven days, delegates organize political parties at the local and state levels. These parties nominate candidates for municipal, county and state offices; hold elections for these nominees; and the elected officials then perform their various duties.

Law School and Police Academy

The Law School was created for the 2001 session of Oklahoma Boys State as a way of providing training for those delegates who are nominated or elected to serve in executive and judicial positions. All law enforcement officers, attorneys, and judges will attend the law school conducted by noted Jurists, state attorneys, and members of law enforcement community. The police officer portion of the law school is conducted by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Fire and Rescue School

Conducted by the Miami, Oklahoma Fire Department, this school provides the delegate with basic information about the duties and hazards of responding to emergencies. Delegates become acquainted with equipment and techniques involved in response and rescue

Homeland Defense School

Conducted by the Oklahoma National Guard, this school gives delegates information about the threats which face the United States and how local authorities are prepared to respond to those threats. Delegates participate in “hands-on” exercises.

Journalism School

The Journalism School was also created in 2001 to provide the “fourth branch of government.” Their responsibilities include publishing a daily newspaper which covers state activities as well as that of the government, and managing a web site which publishes on line the daily events of Oklahoma Boys State